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Mission Statement

The Cuban American Review is a bilingual journal that serves as a forum for in-depth analysis and discussion of news and issues as they relate to Cuba and its exile communities throughout the world.  The Cuban American Review seeks to fill a void in how Cuban, Cuban exile, and Cuban-American realities are studied and expressed. Our guiding principle is the rescue of those cultural goals and expressions which are what define the Cuban nation. Too often, discussion of these realities, in academe let alone in the mass media, has been at the service of interest groups seeking to advance specific policies or manipulate public opinion rather than reflect thoughtfully on the issue at hand. Curiously, while politics tend to overwhelm discussion of all matters concerning Cuba, exile and anti-totalitarian points of view are frequently summarily dismissed, overlooked or even suppressed.  The Cuban American Review is a forum, which understands that the essence of freedom is diversity of opinion, but it also understands that diversity can never betray freedom. The Cuban American Review was founded on the 1st of January, 2005, and is published by ACLANG, Inc., a corporation doing business in the state of Florida since 1989.




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