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The Cuban American Review publishes essays, interviews, and articles focusing on Cuban and Cuban American issues and themes from the perspective of Cuban exile writers, and other writers and scholars committed to freedom and democracy. Creative works by Cuban writers in poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction with a broad thematic range, as well as works by non-Cubans dealing with Cuban themes and political subjects are also considered for publication.

Guidelines for Submitting Articles:

* CAR is soliciting manuscripts and artwork 
   on Cuban history, studies, and literature.
* CAR welcomes letters, queries, unsolicited 
   manuscripts and artwork on all topics. 
* The work may be submitted in either 
   English or Spanish. 
* Include a SASE for response. 
* Lack of any representation to include name, 
   title, address, and telephone number, only 
   signifies insufficient materials and will 
   not be considered. 
* Submissions cannot be returned unless a 
   self-addressed stamped envelope is included. 
* No responsibility is assumed for loss 
   or damage. 
* CAR will not accept electronic submissions.

Please send submissions and correspondence to:

Attention: Editor
Cuban American Review
986 NE 126th Street
Miami, FL 33161

Deadline to receive manuscripts:

June 31, 2013

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